Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Never Emptying Suitcases...

Well I actually emptied them...I've astounded myself. Usually I'll leave I for DAYS but a sudden burst of enthusiasm hit me and voila, it was done..but I'm sure it's a temporary thing...normal behaviour shall resume presently.

So after my burst of productivity my friend Nina popped over and we too Lulu out for a walk in the woods behind the house in an attempt to tire her out. Walked for a couple of miles and happened across an old gooseberry bush and then lots of wild blueberries...picked a few handfuls much to Lu's delight. Brought them home and made blueberry muffins. On our way back home we walked along the edge of the woods and the view was too pretty to ignore...not a great photo as taken with my cell phone but you get the idea....view of our little village.

Nina asked Lu if she wasn't tired from walking up hill and Little Diva says 'Oh no, not one piece!', gahh, she's like the energizer bunny! How on earth am I going to survive four more weeks of summer holidays??!?!

My darling husband got us Chinese for dinner so escaped cooking, good thing since I'm totally knackered.

Gonna go get another cuppa and cherry bakewell and browse some blogs. Squishes folks xxx

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